My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Lashinsky - “You don't have to be a horse lover to enjoy it.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “They like to hear 'Good boy' all the time.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “They appear to be dancing to the music, and we choreograph the shows like that.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “The difference between our show and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna is that ours is more entertainment-oriented. We have wardrobe changes, music changes and choreography changes over the years.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “The first thing we teach is manners, how to stand side by side in the wash rack or wherever.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “Discipline and manners. Discipline comes in training, and they get rewarded for doing good.”
 Gary Lashinsky - “They are professional entertainers, they love the music, they love the applause, they love the spotlight. They are big hams - and we have a few that are bigger hams than others, they really play to the audience.”