My Favorite Quotes
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 John Lasseter - “He has been a tremendous influence on my career and on most animators and animation directors around the world,”
 John Lasseter - “He has been a tremendous influence on my career and on most animators and animation directors around the world.”
 Teresa Lasseter - “We're just confident this information has not been released to anyone further then the eight people that requested it to us and they have not copied it or used it.”
 John Lasseter - “I never understood why you wouldn't start designing a ride when you start making a film so two months after a film comes out you have a ride. I promise you we are not only going to make great motion pictures we are going to make great rides.”
 John Lasseter - “I promise you we will make films that entertain you the moment the lights go down. We're making Disney the one place you have to work (as an animator).”
 John Lasseter - “The level of detail, the patina on the road, the peeling paint, the dirt - everything looks so real.”
 Teresa Lasseter - “We don't anticipate anything ever coming from this. But it would help if they are aware of it and can keep an eye on their credit report - which we all should do anyway. We just wanted to take the responsibility to tell them that we've erred and we're sorry and we'll do better.”
 John Lasseter - “A simple rule of thumb is that the more geometric something is, ... the easier it is to reproduce on a computer. The more organic something is, the more difficult it is to reproduce on computer. And so, hence, 'Toy Story' was the perfect story for our first film -- man-made world, man-made environment, flat floors. 'A Bug's Life,' there is nothing geometric about this movie.”
 John Lasseter - “The press always tends to say these companies are competitors. They are missing the point. As a fan, I want to help the industry. I would love for every studio to produce a blockbuster so we can get more talented people in the industry. Competition to us is when a family walks up to the multiplex and all those titles are up there. I want everyone to be successful.”
 John Lasseter - “I am so proud to be part of this company... again.”
 John Lasseter - “I had been working nonstop through the '90s ... and my wife Nancy said, 'Be careful, your boys may go off to college and you will have missed it.”
 John Lasseter - “Quality is a great business plan.”
 John Lasseter - “I have loved automobiles and the world of racing for a long time and 'Cars' is a very personal story to me. This premiere event is the perfect way to debut our film to racing and movie enthusiasts.”