My Favorite Quotes
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 Dale Latimer - “We had 10 kids score, so we had pretty balanced scoring. We shot the ball well and did a good job of finding the open man.”
 Robert Latimer - “New judge, new justice minister. The new government says there is going to be accountability so here we go, let's have some.”
 Bruce Latimer - “It is a holiday on Monday (in the United States), so I'm sure some guys are squaring their positions for the weekend.”
 Robert Latimer - “I want a jury to be able to decide whether my actions were criminal or not.”
 Robert Latimer - “I want a new trial.”
 Bruce Latimer - “A lot of guys are reluctant to take positions at this point in time, but you get some people squaring some positions for the month end,”
 Bruce Latimer - “As commodities fluctuate, underlying securities will follow... That's where they are going to trade for the next little while, as we're going to see volatile swings of this nature.”
 Dale Latimer - “We had to make adjustments on offense and defense at halftime. Those kids from Johnson are good. They can flat shoot the lights out. We had to go to a kind of half-man, half-zone 'D' to try and stop them.”
 Dale Latimer - “We did not play well in the first half, turning the ball over 16 times. So then we went deep into our bench and the bench got us a 10-point lead from their energy. And I think that's what helped us down the stretch that our guys had fresh legs.”
 Bruce Latimer - “If we could string a couple of winning days together it would certainly give people a little more confidence out here and a little more conviction to buy these things.”
 Bruce Latimer - “New York markets have been up for the last four or five days so you have a little bit of profit-taking that spread over into Canada.”
 Dale Latimer - “We managed to hold onto the basketball and do what we had to do to get the win. It was a big win for our kids. It's nice to have played well and be rewarded for our efforts.”
 Bruce Latimer - “Oil is down, silver is down, so we have to assume those stocks will be down. I think we'll be a little weaker out of the gate.”
 Robert Latimer - “I really don't think this court has a realistic appreciation of just what was going on at the time.”
 George Horace Latimer - “It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.”