My Favorite Quotes
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 Tyler LaTorre - “Nichols threw well enough to win today. He gave up a lot of cheap hits, but we didn't play defense behind him at all.”
 Nick Latorre - “We had to treat each possession as a crucial because it's a small possession game. We were trying to be patient and get a good look against it (zone defense). They were really packing it in and really trying to sag on Kyle. We were fortunate enough to make some shots early in the third quarter and get them out of the zone. And then we were able to run some of our man stuff.”
 Hector Alatorre - “I feel real good, not tired at all. I thought there would be more hype. But I did feed off the crowd.”
 Tyler LaTorre - “It's funny because my freshman year we led the nation in fielding percentage - always had great defense. This year I've seen signs of awesome defense, but it's not consistent. Our team defense isn't up to par yet and I think it has cost us some games.”
 Nick Latorre - “That was two pretty good basketball teams battling. I'm sure St. Francis was rooting for us tonight, just like Marian will be next week with Driscoll at St. Francis.”
 Nick Latorre - “We were crisp on offense. Kyle Jenkins takes up a lot of the defense's attention, so we usually get open looks. Kyle did a nice job kicking it out and we took advantage of that.”