My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven LaTourette - “Rep. Rob Simmons, R-Conn., said the White House responded to the caucus in part as a function of our party affiliation. ... because we've already accomplished the goal.”
 Steven LaTourette - “I've known him for eight years, ... He's a fighter. He fought this trial. He didn't get a lawyer when a lot of us told him he had to get a lawyer, and I imagine he'll fight to retain his seat.”
 Steven LaTourette - “As a former prosecutor, I trust that the legal system will work and Tom DeLay, like every American, should have his day in court and should be afforded the presumption of innocence. However, in order to remove any questions that may arise about these contributions, I have made a donation in the same amount to the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund,”
 Steven LaTourette - “It's important to realize that all six cases of 'mad cow disease' identified in North America have involved downed animals. These animals, which are sick, diseased, or injured livestock incapable of supporting their own body weight, are many times more likely to carry diseases like this into our food supply. It's critical that Congress do what it can to prevent this contamination, and that these animals be dealt with humanely. I'm proud to once again join my colleague, Rep. Ackerman, in sponsoring this measure.”