My Favorite Quotes
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 Lance Lattin - “She organizes the inexperienced defense and helped them understand their roles.”
 Lance Lattin - “We struggled to clog up the middle and prevent shots from outside the 18.”
 Lance Lattin - “The most frustrating part was the last 10 minutes. Letting up at the end of the game was disappointing because a 2-0 loss to a team like this wouldn't have been that bad.”
 Lance Lattin - “We have a pretty young team so we think it's going to be a month before we're at where we want. It might be too late, but that's our goal. Compared to the past, we have a lot of more speed. But the trade off is that we are inexperienced.”
 David Lattin - “I was 6-6, 240 pounds and didn't look like a very nice guy out there so nobody ever threw a racial slur at me. There were some things that happened a couple of times to my teammates, and I came to their rescue, but nobody ever said anything to me. I had a bald head, never smiledthey wanted no part of me. There was one scene in the movie where one of our players is beaten up in a restaurant bathroom and his head gets shoved in the toilet, but that never happened. If anybody would've stuffed one of my guys heads in the toilet like that, they wouldn't have lived to tell about it. There's nothing Haskins or anybody else could've said to stop me from doing something really bad to those guys. Again, that's the movie stuff. Good for dramatics, but I'd never let that happen.”