My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Lattizori - “Winning area was definitely one of our goals. But now our next goal is state, and our kids are pretty fired up about it.”
 Steve Lattizori - “It's that time of year, it really is. We've wrestled everybody that is ranked in the top 10 except for Parkview. But that's what you have got to do is wrestle tough people.”
 Steve Lattizori - “The truly great athletes are those that perform under stress, and with his mom, that fueled his fire. He didn't crack under that. That was the thing I thought was great about him He always excelled when put in a pressure situation.”
 Steve Lattizori - “No, it's not (going to be easy), not at all. We've got the top seed just because we had one win over a common opponent, but Walton could be the top seed just as easy as we could.”
 Steve Lattizori - “Maybe it's Senior Night and (we had) a little anxiety about that. But our conditioning looked (awful Wednesday night), and we've got to do something about that. We've got some work to do before area.”