My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Lau - “The undergrads were excited that they could ask Andy questions. When asked Facing his current status and glory, did he feel pressurise and how you manage to be evergreen ... I have everything, I just have to be serious in whatever I do, thus I'm not pressurise, with regards to staying in showbiz for so long depended on my will of staying on, of course also the support of all of you.”
 Herbert Lau - “We're seeing across the board buying after tame employment data out of the U.S., which is reducing pressure for interest rate hikes, and a good response to residential property sales over the weekend.”
 Luis Palau - “This feels a little bit like heaven, ... There's everybody here.”
 John Lichtblau - “This is a major industry in Russia.”
 John Lichtblau - “This is such a competitive industry that even with fewer players, it will still be very competitive.”
 John Lichtblau - “While the price is high compared to last year, it's still low in real dollar terms compared to what it was. Adjusted for inflation this is by no means a record price.”
 Herbert Lau - “Some investors are staying at the sidelines as uncertainties linger over whether the Fed would surprise the market by a larger-than-expected cut in interest rates.”
 Herbert Lau - “The market is basically quite quiet. There's some profit-taking after yesterday's surge but overall market sentiment has stabilized somewhat because recent U.S. data has been quite positive and that has allayed fears about an interest rate rise this month.”
 Luis Palau - “One encounter with Jesus Christ is enough to change you, instantly, forever.”
 Luis Palau - “Evangelism is not an option for the Christian life.”
 Luis Palau - “When you face the perils of weariness, carelessness, and confusion, don't pray for an easier life. Pray instead to be a stronger man or woman of God.”
 Luis Palau - “Feast of the Holy Innocents The most thrilling thing you can ever do is win someone to Christ. And it's contagious. Once you do it, you don't want to stop.”
 Andy Lau - “Now I do bowling, golf, and tennis. I want to be a good bowler.”
 Andy Lau - “I would like to do some musicals.”
 Andy Lau - “I think Fruit Chan is an interesting director because he could offer a purely commercial attraction with artistic subjects and personalities.”
 Andy Lau - “I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar.”
 Andy Lau - “I became producer so that I could work with persons like him and to rock the world of Hong Kong Cinema a bit.”
 Andy Lau - “I am classified as an idol in Hong Kong and in Asia.”
 Andy Lau - “For example, in Malay, there are pronunciations that are similar to Chinese.”
 Herbert Lau - “Cheung Kong is still experiencing pressure on the MSCI removal because fund managers still hold quite a big chunk of the stock so it will take time to offload.”
 Herbert Lau - “Cheung Kong is still experiencing pressure on the MSCI removal because fund managers still hold quite a big chunk of the stock so it will take time to offload,”
 rence Lau - “Any application involving that facility will probably take a lot of time to process. It's a big job.”
 Edwin Lau - “Matters have got to a terrible state in a very quick time.”
 Andy Lau - “The more you do, the more experience you have and the next time it will be easier to choose the right thing.”
 Andy Lau - “Unfortunately, I don't have much free time.”

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