My Favorite Quotes
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 Anne Parillaud - “On the surface I look fragile and insecure you have to know me very well.”
 Anne Parillaud - “To what purpose is it to be artificially happy on the surface”
 Anne Parillaud - “Knowing what I know of love, I hang back because I don't like to lie to myself.”
 Anne Parillaud - “I adore people who ask questions and who cause others to share in their search.”
 Anne Parillaud - “I had never even thought I'd be an actress - I was supposed to be a lawyer. But the motivation is the same when you act, you defend a role you have to be convincing. It's the same career.”
 Anne Parillaud - “I try to live the moment and not obey laws, rules, conventions, or norms to react to a sensation, a feeling, or an emotion. You can't program emotion.”
 Anne Parillaud - “It's terrifying, that unconditional love you have for a child. I still wonder if she really came from me, from my womb. It's a miracle. I don't understand it. I live it very intensely.”
 William Laud - “Lord, I am coming as fast as I can I know I must pass through the shadow of death before I can come to Thee but it is but umbra mortis, a mere shadow of death... Thou, by thy merits and passion, hath broken through the jaws of death.”
 William Laud - “Some hypocrites and seeming mortified men, that held down their heads, were like the little images that they place in the very bowing of the vaults of churches, that look as if they held up the church, but are but puppets.”
 Cindy Aillaud - “I feel so bad about that. That's not enough, but I couldn't convince the publisher to print a 500-page children's book.”
 Anne Parillaud - “Body language is essential for an actress, even if you don't use your body in an athletic way. Just to be free, to use it like your voice. A body can be small and have incredible violence. A body talks.”
 William Laud - “The Lord receive my soul, and have mercy on me, and bless this kingdom with peace and charity, that there may not be this effusion of Christian blood amongst them.”
 Cindy Aillaud - “I said no. My original vision was that the photos would be black and white.”
 William Laud - “Behold, I am become a reproach to thy holy name, by serving any ambition and the sins of others which though I did by the persuasion of other men, yet my own conscience did cheek and upbraid me in it.”
 Anne Parillaud - “Actors should be timeless and impersonal.”
 Anne Parillaud - “No one is truly doing very well. One surely isn't here to do well. Surely we have another purpose Perhaps to know who one is, to know that which makes us suffer and that which causes suffering for others maybe to love someone... Perfection is the ability to admit imperfection.”