My Favorite Quotes
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 Mitchel McLaughlin - “taking enormous risks with all of our expectations for a peaceful and democratic future.”
 Jim McLaughlin - “We have three divisional games on the way out and in order to be in a good spot, we have to win all three.”
 Jim McLaughlin - “I could tell we had the essential pieces in the summer, and the kids have done everything I've asked. Some teams have a lot of goals, but our one goal is for the kids to be perfect practice players.”
 David McLaughlin - “We ended up on a very good note, winning seven out of eight and winning a couple on the road. That is very good in this league. Now we've put it behind us and we're focusing on the next step.”
 Tom McLaughlin - “All we kept talking about was how we came back on Prospect Park and that we could do it again because were such a good hitting team. I was really confident that we could pull it out, I just never expected it to be such a storybook ending.”
 Tom McLaughlin - “I wanted to put together a good team. We were going to have a new bar, so I wanted there to be a new team to represent it.”
 Tom McLaughlin - “Thats two trophies in less than a month thatll look real good behind the new bar. It means so much to win this tournament this year considering what the bars been through.”
 Kiaran McLaughlin - “If he were to win the race like Sinister Minister won the Blue Grass, the heck with being smart and thinking it's too much pace. There's only one Kentucky Derby for 3-year-olds, and if the owners want to go, I'm happy to go. If he were to win by five or more, it's hard to tell the owners they can't run in the Derby.”
 Andrew McLaughlin - “Hopes that manufacturing could build on the momentum established at the turn of the year have been dashed by a decline in the rate of output growth.”
 Scott McLaughlin - “I'm not sure we want a Miami airport in Broward County. I'm pro-growth, but smart growth.”
 Michelle Laughlin - “There's no sign whatsoever that strong (economic) growth is leading to higher inflation. The Fed is not going to upset the apple cart.”
 Michael McLaughlin - “There's an old saying that excellence isn't an act, it's a habit. This team is developing some very good habits.”
 Dan Mclaughlin - “The congressman (Cunningham) who got the most money (from Wade) is going to prison. The one who got the second-most money wants to be a senator. I would hope voters would look at that and factor that into their decisions.”
 Mignon McLaughlin - “Hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent”
 Kiaran McLaughlin - “I hope this gray horse, like Giacomo, keeps improving with each race and is headed for a big performance on the first Saturday in the May. Of course, we're hoping for an equally good performance in the Florida Derby.”
 Kiaran McLaughlin - “That's the least of our worries. He's our friend, and we just hope he's OK.”
 Patrick McLaughlin - “She is such a giving person and could easily be taken advantage of. I just hope she is OK.”
 Neal McLaughlin - “They've got a bit to overcome. But I think he is the type of horse who can overcome anything.”
 Brookly McLaughlin - “The hotel acted in accordance with U.S. sanctions.”
 Brookly McLaughlin - “The hotel in Mexico City is a U.S. subsidiary, and therefore prohibited from providing a service to Cuba or Cuban nationals.”
 Joe McLaughlin - “Bedding is part of the working conditions in a hotel, and it is one of our priorities to reduce the workload of the housekeeping staff.”
 Brookly McLaughlin - “The hotel in Mexico City is a U.S. subsidiary, and therefore prohibited from providing a service to Cuba or Cuban nationals. In this instance, we are simply following our usual procedures, applying the law.”
 Joe McLaughlin - “Individually we have excellent talent, but need to stay healthy because injuries will hurt us as a team.”
 Rob Laughlin - “It was the first real sign that oil prices are beginning to hurt, not at the petrol pump, but for industry.”
 John McLaughlin - “The idea behind it is that good communications are up to the communicator, understanding the person they are communicating to as well as themselves,”

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