My Favorite Quotes
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 Carl Laundrie - “We figure we can get the information from other counties and the Florida Association of Counties.”
 Carl Laundrie - “We have the same complaint as this lady. We're well aware of the problems it causes.”
 Carl Laundrie - “There was some talk about them finding someone else to do the program. As I understand it, it was a going venture. It stood on its own power.”
 Carl Laundrie - “This is one of the initial steps in the direction we'd like to take (with the airport). Besides the restaurant, this is the first significant non-aviation business on the county-owned property at the airport.”
 Carl Laundrie - “This is good business, good for industry and good for the county.”
 Carl Laundrie - “It's great to bring in new business and new industry, but probably the most important thing is to keep the industry you have. That's a part of an industrial package that sometimes gets forgotten.”
 Carl Laundrie - “We're not dying to get into the water business. In fact, we got into it kind of reluctantly with Beverly Beach. To look out for the long-term interests of the county, we feel we need a seat at the table.”
 Carl Laundrie - “It is one of those rare instances where government was able to operate like a private business and provide a savings to the taxpayers. The state got what it needed and, in the process, it provided what the airport needed for further development.”