My Favorite Quotes
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 Teresa de Lauretis - “The state of the world, of course, is constantly changing, and so is theory.”
 Teresa de Lauretis - “The hero, the mythical subject, is constructed as human being and as male he is the active principle of culture, the establisher of distinction, the creator of differences.”
 Teresa de Lauretis - “Many Italians today refer to themselves as citizens of a Third World country, which they are in many ways, not simply economically.”
 Teresa de Lauretis - “But one did not do feminist theory, as such, in those days, not only because male academic discourse did not recognize such a term, but especially because the women's movement did not either.”
 Teresa de Lauretis - “To say it another way, thinking, however abstract, originates in an embodied subjectivity, at once overdetermined and permeable to contingent events.”