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 Terri Laux - “It's really nice to have the one game on both Saturday and Sunday because it can open up your pitching options for what you can do. We should be well rested with us not having the strain of playing two games on back-to-back days.”
 Ty Laux - “That hurt. We get to within two and he hits that long shot at the horn, that really hurt.”
 Terri Laux - “We need to get something going on offense. We are pressing too much. I thought Amanda Pick threw a pretty good game. Indiana found a few holes here and there, but we just didn't help her offensively.”
 Ty Laux - “I thought our kids, all five games, they just played their hearts out. They played so hard. I thought the kids really played as a team. We had five team games where the kids really came together.”
 Ty Laux - “It was a special tournament for us. Everyone stepped up for us at various times.”
 Terri Laux - “I think that the team knows that they are very good hitters and individually they have to find that confidence. We have to get back to looking for base-hits. Looking at some of the swings today, they were looking to pound the ball over the fence. And when you start doing that, you're not going to get anything.”
 Terri Laux - “Pick did her job and she is the type of pitcher who is going to give the defense ground balls, and those balls today just found some holes. Pick is going to keep us in the game and that is why she is on the mound.”
 Terri Laux - “I think our offensive performance was absolutely horrible today. We had no intensity during warm-up, we didn't come here ready to play and we entered the game offensively with a very defensive mindset.”
 Ty Laux - “They were a great team coming in this year, and then you add a post player like Maguire and the team's even better. They've got a lot of weapons.”
 Terri Laux - “We're looking to use these games a preparation for our MAC games this weekend. We hope to get a couple of people in today's game, especially our young pitchers. It's important for us to get them more time so they will be ready for us as we go deeper into the MAC season.”
 Terri Laux - “I'm disappointed with the fact that we didn't show up to play today and we weren't clicking on all cylinders. We've played against tougher teams this year and you just have to go out and do the same thing which you have been doing for x-number of years.”
 Ty Laux - “They were doubling him and he was calling Elliott's number and that just shows what kind of leader he is. Porter's a great player and Stephen held him to two points, so it shows what kind of competitor he is.”
 Terri Laux - “We're looking to do the same thing that we do every time we play by coming out, playing hard and competing. It's human nature to accept a challenge. We look forward to these games and we have a lot of competitors on this team.”
 Ty Laux - “They came out with a great game plan. It took a heck of a defense to stop Jones.”
 Terri Laux - “We struggled offensively to adjust to the pitchers that we faced. Booth had good movement and a great change-up today and we just lost our discipline at the plate.”
 Terri Laux - “Today did not go well for us. We lost two very important games but you have to give credit to Miami. They came out there with nothing to lose and swung the bat very well.”
 Terri Laux - “We learned this weekend that you have to be consistent by doing the little things and focusing on the process. This year has been like a ride on a roller coaster, and it's important for us to be consistent and better every inning.”
 Terri Laux - “We are going to have to be consistent with what we do with the bat. We are getting production but not consistently through our lineup. Today we had the bottom of the order do well and the top of the lineup didn't hit.”
 Terri Laux - “We made a point to tell our players that everyone is beating up on everyone and that on any given day a team can make a run. These were big games today but there are still eight games left and we just need to be consistent.”
 Terri Laux - “You're always looking forward to start your season at home. There is a certain comfort level when you play here, and we need to go out, be consistent this weekend.”
 Terri Laux - “I think that it is important for us to get wins. I know there is still a long way to go in the MAC season but we need to take care of ourselves and get us into a good position.”
 Terri Laux - “We approach each season knowing that it is going to be a long two months and every game in the MAC is important for us. I think that we need to get three or four wins this weekend and focus on taking care of the little things and eliminate the mental errors that we've been having.”
 Terri Laux - “Our approach and intensity level has to be consistent on a daily basis and I think that we are going to see how the team's psyche is in this week's games. I told them after the game that all is not lost and we just need to take care of our business.”
 Terri Laux - “She is a strong kid with a great attitude on the mound and she gives us a great chance to win any game.”
 Terri Laux - “We've been consistent both defensively and pitching this year, but we need to start to become consistent on the offense. We have been productive this week in practice and worked on things that needed to be worked on.Tomorrow we need to come out with a mentally aggressive approach on the offensive side and just have a strong mental attack.”

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