My Favorite Quotes
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 Iris Lav - “There are other ways to influence representatives to cut taxes.”
 David Zaslav - “Our partnership with Time Warner Cable will provide viewers with a robust 2006 Olympic Winter Games experience. NBC is committed to providing our distribution partners with unique digital offerings to help them drive their businesses.”
 Iris Lav - “It's not a steep cut. But this budget continues the erosion that's been going on for six years.”
 Iris Lav - “I characterize it as a continued weakening of the partnership between the federal government and the states and a continuation of a trend that's been going on for several years of cost shifting to the states.”
 David Zaslav - “We have one of the best crime and mystery movie and TV libraries. We have great content at a low cost to us.”
 David Zaslav - “Since NBC's acquisition of Bravo in December 2002, twelve million subscribers have been added reflecting an overwhelming support from our cable and satellite affiliate partners. This marked growth in distribution exemplifies NBC Universal Cable's commitment to building and extending the Bravo brand to consumers and distributors. Bravo is clearly meeting and will continue to meet the demand for strong programming in the arts and pop culture niche.”
 David Zaslav - “We've taken a couple of steps forward, but there really isn't a clear business model yet.”
 David Zaslav - “The overwhelming majority of people are still going to watch television in a linear fashion. But there's a growing group of people who aren't looking to see what's the best show on in that time slot, but what's the best show available. We need to stay ahead of that.”
 Rabbi Nachman of Breslav - “The essence of peace is to merge two opposites. Therefore your notions should not scare you if you see another, who absolutely opposes you, and you presume that there is no chance for peace between you two. On the same token when you see two individuals who are exactly two opposites, never say it would be impossible for them to reconcile. On the contrary, and this is the perfection of peace to make it between two opposites.”