My Favorite Quotes
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 Al Lavan - “It's very important we stay in touch with them, in that they are a visual reminder. But the most important thing we can do to build support is to win games.”
 Al Lavan - “To the extent that you know a little more about your opponent, that's good. How we match the intensity and skill is the real key getting where we need to go.”
 Al Lavan - “I'm not so sure it was worse last season against Hampton.”
 Al Lavan - “We talked all week that in order to beat an option offense, you have to be assignment perfect.”
 Al Lavan - “I think it all comes down to whether he'll get an opportunity with the right team. That's the biggest hurdle for him, getting with the right team.”
 Al Lavan - “He had conversations with them a while ago, but I guess they had not filled the position. It was official Friday. It's his alma mater. It's a great opportunity for him.”
 Al Lavan - “Obviously it's tough to lose your starting quarterback prior to the season, but we will make adjustments and move forward.”
 Al Lavan - “I'm very pleased with him. Red-shirt freshmen will have good games and bad ones. We have to live with it.”
 Al Lavan - “It's been pretty challenging. All you can do is play whatever's there on the schedule. Although it doesn't look like it from the scores, I believe we have gotten better.”
 Al Lavan - “And the fullback was not going to be a big part of the offense. Jarrod ran well and was a tough guy. We put him on defense to utilize his speed.”
 Al Lavan - “Very seldom do most of them (young quarterbacks) come out and be spectacular. We tried to put him in as few multiple decision-making positions as possible.”
 Al Lavan - “He can execute the option game in all its forms. He's a very dangerous player. He can go the distance or make the necessary decision to pitch it out to the other guy.”
 Al Lavan - “Peter has shown through spring football, the summer and the early fall, he has been remarkably consistent with his distance. We're excited about that and keeping him in the groove.”
 Al Lavan - “Bryan recently informed me that he will not return to the university this fall due to personal reasons. He said he wanted to return home to California to be with his family and girlfriend.”