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 Peter Laviolette - “I thought he played a super game.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought we already wrapped it up, didn't we”
 Peter Laviolette - “Goaltending hasn't been a problem for us at all. I thought that Rick did a good job for us. When we had breakdowns, he made saves.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We had the odd stinker in there, and everybody knew it was a stinker and nobody thought of it.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We never seemed to get it on track throughout the tournament. From the start tonight, I thought we were standing instead of skating.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I wouldn't say it's frustrating. It's more maddening than anything else. It's driving everybody a little bit crazy. We like what we're doing, but I thought we could have scored 10 goals tonight.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Sweden is a tough team to defend and I thought for the most part we did a good job. We need to keep working hard and good things will happen.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought that under the situation, coming in off the bench like that, he did a good job. He came in and made some big saves, especially in the third period.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought the guys played great. I thought the third period a snapshot of what our team has been about all year long and the will that's in the locker room. They just never quit, they never gave up and they persevered in the end.”
 Peter Laviolette - “After the first five minutes, I thought the game was all us. They turned it on a little bit in the second period for another five minutes.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Coming back from the no-goal call to come back and throw one in right away We were up because we thought it was in, and then to come right back -- Commodore made a really nice play. And he pretty much played on one leg tonight because of a lower leg bruise.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Mike has had a lot of success here in Boston, and he's a coach that thinks the game the same way I do as far as pursuit. I thought he's done a good job.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought we were pretty relentless.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought we played a real solid 60 minutes. You're not going to completely shut down Tampa, they have too much offense. But I thought we did a good job of eliminating their chances.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought he played well the entire 60 minutes and got stronger through the game.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I thought it was a good step up. We still need to take the next step.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Ultimately, we took the guys that were playing the very best at the time, regardless of whether they were younger players or older players.”
 Peter Laviolette - “Regardless of whether they were younger or older, we took guys playing the best at that time in the N.H.L.”
 Peter Laviolette - “It's a chance for the guys to just spend some time together and a chance for coaches to implement some sort of system. Even if it's lost along the way, at least, they'll have had some experience with it, and the guys who do get selected will get to look at some video on the way over on the plane.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We didn't respect our opponent, which you'd think we would've learned from last time. (Washington) works extremely hard we talked about that this morning. We either didn't realize it, or expect it.”
 Peter Laviolette - “One thing that was important was the way we won it. We had had the last three games end on a negative note. This time after the Rangers scored late, we get the empty-net goal and it's over.”
 Peter Laviolette - “When you're down two goals, facing elimination in the third period, that's not the time you want to go to the (penalty) box. I think there was a lot of frustration setting in at that point.”
 Peter Laviolette - “If we keep doing things like we are, hopefully we'll hit our stride just as the time is right.”
 Peter Laviolette - “We came out much better, much stronger (against Kazakhstan). We had some urgency on the puck. We just missed that spark against Latvia. I still don't think we were completely adjusted (to the time change), but we're certainly better.”
 Peter Laviolette - “I didn't feel a momentum change. I thought that we had more scoring chances tonight than we have had in a long time.”

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