My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Lawlor - “Isn't it crazy I've always been a little baffled by it, even though our station has always had a strong position in our market. We certainly hope and expect it will continue.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “I would hope that Sullivan would require the investigation be a fully public event.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “Just because a religion owns a particular hospital doesn't mean they get to set all the rules.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “Everybody who knows how criminal justice works thinks this is a bad idea.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “Today is a milestone, but it's hardly the end of the story. One way or another we're going to be living the rowland scandal for the foreseeable future.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “There is going to be a public hearing, and there is going to be a vote, and, more likely than not, he is going to be confirmed.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “The major point is to protect private homeowners from eminent domain and put major hurdles in the way of the government if they want to take your house. It's going to put an awful lot of obstacles in the way of eminent domain, especially for economic development.”
 Patrick Lawlor - “There is not a lot you can do to study for tests like that because they are so general. I just meditated a little before in the morning.”
 Brian Lawlor - “There's never a great time, but if somebody was going to leave ... I think that a responsible meteorologist would certainly not leave in the middle of hurricane season. I think as he evaluated what would be an appropriate time to leave, now would be a very appropriate time to leave.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “For now, while we are focusing on finishing the session, we want to make sure nothing gets destroyed or removed.”
 Brian Lawlor - “We'd actually had some discussions with Rob over the last couple of weeks related to his employment. I think he's got a plan for what he wants to do. I agreed that I would not discuss publicly what that is. He plans to pursue some other interests and he'll certainly be missed here.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “Everyone has acknowledged this discussion is over.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “These are important policy issues that we have to get straight between our two branches of government, and the decision today is a big step in the wrong direction.”
 Patrick Lawlor - “It's a really great academic environment and the teachers are great. I certainly give a lot of credit to the teachers and people in the district.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “I've been a member of the Judiciary Committee for 20 years, and chairman for 12 years. This is the first time that we've ever had a letter or any type of direct report from a member of the Supreme Court regarding misconduct taking place at the Supreme Court. It's extraordinary.”
 Brian Lawlor - “He is moving on, and we are certainly grateful for the many years that Rob worked at the station, for his hard work and his dedication. I think we'll long remember his tone and his commitment during the hurricanes that helped so many of the people in the community.”
 Patrick Lawlor - “Stanford is my top choice, but it's very expensive and very hard to get into.”
 Rep. Lawlor - “Most people who are sex offenders plea bargain, often because the victims themselves don't want to testify. If the minimum sentence is 25 years, no one would ever plead to a sex offense.”
 Burt Lawlor - “Decision and determination are the engineer and fireman of our train to opportunity and success.”