My Favorite Quotes
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 Rick Lazio - “Nobody from Arkansas or Hollywood or Washington, D.C., is going to tell us who's going to represent us in the U.S. Senate.”
 Rick Lazio - “Well, It's an interesting thing ... that when she travels to New York, she calls it a tour. When I come back to New York from Washington, I call it coming home.”
 Rick Lazio - “This is a soft-money ban. If my opponent will agree to sign it, we'll have it in writing.”
 Rick Lazio - “I don't think that anyone believes Peter King shies away from controversy. For a lot of people that's a virtue, for others they might not be so enamored by that.”
 Rick Lazio - “There ought to be a compromise on this I think there will be a compromise on it. Unfortunately, there are people that want to be inflexible on this issue.”
 Rick Lazio - “Also, she's no longer the first lady, she no longer has an incumbent president to campaign for her or the White House staff, so that should be able to be communicated to potential donors to make a pitch that the race is a viable race.”
 Rick Lazio - “Today, America and this administration leaves Israel in the lurch. I ask President Clinton Is this any way to treat a friend”