My Favorite Quotes
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 Sandy Lazzaroni - “We don't have it yet. We allow the other teams to have hope that they can beat us. But skill-wise, we've grown enormously.”
 Sandy Lazzaroni - “It takes more than two years to build a program. But I feel like our foundation has been laid. Now it's time for us get over the hill.”
 Sandy Lazzaroni - “That tells me there's interest. Not having a youth program hurts. Most of our kids come in without having played the sport. But we're building a base.”
 Sandy Lazzaroni - “We're competing. That's something we haven't done in the past. The whole morale of the team is different.”
 Sandy Lazzaroni - “When my girls believe they're capable of winning in softball, we will be able to compete for a title. Teams aren't throwing their No. 3 pitcher against us anymore for a reason.”
 Sandy Lazzaroni - “We're not measuring our season on wins and losses. But a win sure does change the attitude. It just reaffirms to me that we're headed in the right direction.”