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 Clint Hurdle - “Our young players give us reason to be optimistic for the future. Holliday continues to improve and should become a good offensive player.”
 Dan Quayle - “I am the future”
 Domenico Sole - “The rapid restructuring of Yves Saint Laurent has laid the foundation for profitable future growth.”
 Danny Hale - “He was our punter. And had a real promising future.”
 Atul Lele - “There is medium- and longer-term value in there for the government so they would be smarter holding onto it and placing it in the Future Fund if they didn't need the funds immediately.”
 Tom Daschle - “I'm disappointed, really, that the House is going off on all of its tangents once again, ... The capital gains cut, apparently, is alive and well over there, and an array of other things that are just handouts to those who probably don't need it.”
 Tom Daschle - “I'm disappointed really that the House is going off on all of its tangents once again, ... The capital gains cut apparently is alive and well over there and an array of other things that are just handouts to those who probably don't need it.”
 Patrick Boyle - “People don't think that earnings going forward will be able to substantiate the gains we've had in the market place.”
 Rick Carlisle - “The last six games, we've done a lot of things very well. We've done certain things better than we were doing them before.”
 Joel Quenneville - “We needed a win in the worst way and we felt the last three games were games we had to get something out of and didn't. It was nice to get these two points.”
 Camille Little - “In big games, we'll need those free throws, so that's what we've been working on.”
 Allyson Doyle - “We stopped talking, stopped moving and that really hurt us in games three, four and five. We had chances but we didn't take advantage. I think we got too comfortable (after game two) and kind of let up a little bit.”
 Michel Leveille - “I am feeling good, I have been doing some rehab for the last couple of weeks. I've been working hard to get ready for this weekend. You know that stuff happens, its part of the games. You just have to deal with it.”
 Danton Cole - “He gives us good depth along the blue line. We didn't think a player of his caliber was going to be available. We knew him from our games (against Quad City).”
 Chris Cauble - “I knew Weston had a no-hitter, but it wasn't a priority. The priority was to get a win and to get ready for two conference games this week. We got the win, and any win is a good win for us right now.”
 Dan Boyle - “The last three games have pretty much been his best three games all year. I think both of us are playing pretty well together. We're clicking.”
 Brent Rumble - “Sundays have definitely been our Achilles heel. Tonight, we got off to a good start and then in the second period just blew it wide open. That's what we should have been doing (in all our) Sunday games.”
 Ed Pepple - “We have not finished games and that has been our biggest issue.”
 Clint Hurdle - “Those kind of games are signature games. You're lucky if you have one of them in your career.”
 Dave Oberle - “We've been up and down like a yo-yo. We're in the same boat we were last year. We let some games get away that we felt we could have won. Maybe we got some that could have been given away, too. It balances out. We've struggled here of late.”
 Rick Carlisle - “The group that was out there was going good. I didn't want to disrupt that momentum at that point. You're getting into a high frequency of games. If you find a group that's clicking, you have to stick with them.”
 Rick Carlisle - “He hurt us the last two games and we did a lot of different things on him defensively. Johnson played great.”
 Steve Bleasdale - “He gives us another option. He's a quality player who is obviously looking to get games under his belt.”
 David Poile - “It was his best season. Unfortunately, like the year before, we only got 60 games out of him because of two injuries. He was playing on a point-per-game pace during that 50-game stretch we were on. What if he didn't get hurt Well, we would like to find out this year and have him play a full season. Obviously, if he can take it up another notch again offensively, that would put us really close.”
 John Mraule - “We have to be ready to play and hopefully the way we played the last four games can help us out.”

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