My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Leach - “Each year is a new year. And in the course of winning some games, we exorcise some demons, especially for some fans, that would be great.”
 Phillip Leach - “He looked like he'd seen a ghost basically.”
 Matt Leach - “I just got to give a lot of thanks. It's one heck of a team, you know”
 Mike Leach - “He really does have good pocket presence. It's not just quick feet or how fast the guy is. It's sort of instinctual.”
 Mike Leach - “I think he settled down and bounced back really well. I feel like that's one of the qualities that he does a good job at.”
 Dana Leach - “Holly has been very good for this refinery. They've been very good to work for.”
 William Leach - “All these consumer companies are floundering around trying to find green ketchup and blue ketchup. In this industry if you get 2 percent growth, that's great.”
 Mike Leach - “I think that was significant. They dominated that drive and got the upper hand.”
 Mike Leach - “That was a drive where if you dominate you get the upper hand. They dominated the drive and they got the upper hand.”
 Tom Leach - “A little positive reinforcement is a great tool. Any cop would much rather reward someone than hand them a summons.”
 Mike Leach - “That was a significant drive. That was a drive that, where if you dominate that drive you get the upper hand.”
 Mike Leach - “I'm not sure that the first drive of the second half isn't the most significant drive in the game in a lot of cases. That was a drive that where, if you dominate that drive, you get the upper hand. They dominated that drive, and they got the upper hand.”
 Mike Leach - “Anybody that has film on us has a good idea,”
 Penelope Leach - “not for the individual child.”
 William Leach - “The operating earnings were disappointing. Everyone (in the industry) is faced with much higher costs than expected.”
 James Leach - “Working as a cartel, these institutions could influence economies for good or for naught, potentially in ways that may not be guided by any standard of national or international interest.”
 William Leach - “There's actually been very little buzz on this one. With the other deals, the bankers were leaking information out on seemingly a daily basis to drive up the price. With this, nothing.”
 Jim Leach - “I dont think theres a wedge between Washington and Seoul, ... There are slight differences of judgment, but basically Washington and Seoul have a strong commonality of interest.”
 Martin Leach - “We're hoping to get them for life, customers may well go on to buy more Fords, bigger Fords, so this is more than just profit and more than just a single transaction.”
 Robin Leach - “Celebrities are nowhere as rich as some people think they are.”
 James A. Leach - “Iraqis have held elections and have recently put together their government, all encouraging developments.”
 James A. Leach - “When I look at Social Security, I consider it the most important social program in the United States, arguably the most successful program in the world.”
 Mike Leach - “I always thought it was incredibly ridiculous, ... The notion of artificially shortening games is crazy.”
 Mike Leach - “On that play, we had a return on, ... I thought (Douglas) did a tremendous job.”
 Mike Leach - “I thought he was steady, ... There's always a level of jitters that goes on with a guy that's starting his first game. He hid it well. I'm sure he had some.”

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