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 Mike Leaf - “What can I say, gentlemen We're going to Massachusetts.”
 Mike Leaf - “We've gotten ourselves into holes, but somehow and some way we've found a way out. That shows the character of these guys. They really never give up.”
 Mike Leaf - “We had several goals, and one of them was to host the conference tournament. We did that as well last year. It was a great success. We had great crowds and super support.”
 Mike Leaf - “That was one hell of a war out there. It was two excellent teams that went to battle. We were fortunate to come out on top.”
 Mike Leaf - “I'm being real honest and sincere when I say that the coaching staff I have does a tremendous job. From scouting to recruiting, they do so many things behind the scenes. I wouldn't do it without them, and it's truly an award for the entire staff.”
 Mike Leaf - “I can't believe this, to be honest with you. It's just incredible. It all hasn't sunk in yet. I don't think we realize where we are. We're just playing ball.”
 Mike Leaf - “Zach went hard in practice and said it feels pretty good. I'll ask him. He's usually pretty honest with me, so we'll see how it feels and go from there.”
 Mike Leaf - “It was a nice win, to be honest. It was a battle. Their record doesn't show the talent they have.”
 Mike Leaf - “This was a big game ... and when you win at home in your house, that makes it more special coming against a team as good as Northern. When you're playing at home and have that atmosphere, the kids love it.”
 Mike Leaf - “He's a very unselfish individual and never talked about the record or brought it up or anything like that. It's nice to break it, but that's not the No. 1 priority for him.”
 Mike Leaf - “What can I say He's a tremendous young man, a special individual. The day I signed him, I was an extremely happy man.”
 Maple Leaf - “Hans Island is Canadian.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “The importance of the facts testified, and their relations to the affairs of the soul, and the life to come, can make no difference in the principles or the mode of weighing the evidence.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “That man is a religious being, is universally conceded, for it has been seen to be universally true.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “Mark was the son of a pious sister of Barnabas, named Mary, who dwelt at Jerusalem, and at whose house the early Christians often assembled.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “It should be pursued as in the presence of God, and under the solemn sanctions created by a lively sense of his omniscience, and of our accountability to him for the right use of the faculties which he has bestowed.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “In trials of fact, by oral testimony, the proper inquiry is not whether is it possible that the testimony may be false, but whether there is sufficient probability that it is true.”
 Robert Greenleaf - “Good leaders must first become good servants.”
 Mike Leaf - “I thought we were focused on Moorhead because we know each game is so important. We know you can't take anyone for granted. They have some talented player and took Northern to overtime up here. We had to play hard and keep fighting.”
 Rob Greenleaf - “I thought we turned the corner.”
 Simon Greenleaf - “The learned are not agreed as to the time when the Gospel of John was written some dating it as early as the year 68, others as late as the year 98 but it is generally conceded to have been written after all the others.”
 Tammara Rosenleaf - “My husband and I have had a very difficult time with this. When Sean went over there without adequate armor, my fear for him was so great. I know he will do what they ask of him, whether he dies or not.”
 Maple Leaf - “I was in his kitchen about a month ago telling him, 'You've got to have another dinner for your fund because it's your legacy,' ... He was always scared he wouldn't sell any tickets but the darn place was overflowing all the time. It was a testimony to this guy.”
 David Leaf - “It barely took any time at all (for him to fit in). We knew he would be the exclamation point on all the players we have.”
 Mike Leaf - “Everyone kept asking me how you beat a team four times. I've told people how focused we are and how we take it one game at a time, so it really didn't matter who it was. It was our next game and we had to go out and get the job done.”

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