My Favorite Quotes
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 Laurence Leamer - “the integrity of the electoral process.”
 Edward Leamer - “There's no question that the Fed should have much earlier raised interest rates, not to kill the housing sector, but to keep it sustainable.”
 Edward Leamer - “It'll kill the housing sector,”
 Laurence Leamer - “The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.”
 Edward Leamer - “Currently we have construction job levels reaching toward the ceiling but manufacturing jobs are virtually at the floor. With hardly any room to fall further, it doesn't seem likely that problems in housing and in construction will spread to manufacturing this time.”
 Edward Leamer - “I think it's a very good thing. I never understood why (Federal Reserve Chairman Alan) Greenspan was encouraging people to go into short-term mortgages, because of the risk they entailed.”
 Edward Leamer - “People moan and groan, but they still go to the pump and fill up their big SUVs.”
 Edward Leamer - “People moan and groan, but they still go to the pump and fill up their big SUVs,”
 Edward Leamer - “If you factor in a slowing economy the number would be larger. The ultimate decider of whether you can make your mortgage payment or not is your job.”
 Edward Leamer - “But houses are exactly the same now as two years ago. There is no 'new economy' when it comes to homes, ... an easy call to make.”
 Edward Leamer - “Some jobs in manufacturing might well disappear as a result of weakness in housing, but this may be offset by jobs brought home or not lost to foreign competition.”
 Laurence Leamer - “Does American Media have the right to have that impact in the election ... The big question with Gigi is Was the National Enquirer legitimately buying her story intending to run it Or were they essentially bribing her during the campaign”
 Laurence Leamer - “It's something he learned as a bodybuilder. You get up on stage and twist and turn your body to always look good and hide your flaws. And that is precisely what he's done all of his life.”