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 Denny Leathers - “He's been punishing the ball pretty good over the past five or six games, just line drives into the gaps. He got off to a relatively slow start and whether that was some tentativeness with his knee situation, I'm not sure. But he's been hitting his stride lately.”
 Derek Leathers - “We're doing everything we can to give them the newest trucks on the road. We think our fleet is one of the newest out there, and that's something drivers appreciate.”
 Denny Leathers - “It was a good ball game that could have gone either way. I think they're a very good team. They got one more run than we did.”
 Denny Leathers - “He actually had a good first inning. That was good to see. He can be tough. Both he and James have been steady, maybe not what you would call outstanding or flashy but steady.”
 Denny Leathers - “Lucas did a nice job. He started out not looking so good, but got stronger and stronger. He got most of his strikeouts late in the game.”
 Freddie Leathers - “I thought that Campbellsville played a really nice game. They have improved immensely since I scouted them at the beginning of the year.”
 Freddie Leathers - “I thought we played a good defensive game. We struggled offensively though both from the field and the free throw line.”
 Freddie Leathers - “We really needed this win. I was confident throughout though, even when they took the lead late in the game, I still thought we'd come out on top.”
 Freddie Leathers - “I thought we came out and got intimidated early on. It was a physical game and the officials were letting them play and we didn't adjust in time.”
 Denny Leathers - “You don't see it too often but we put a complete game together. Defensively, we played super. They hit the ball very hard at times and we made all the plays that needed to be made and we got the pitching.”
 Freddie Leathers - “We failed to take advantage of Brittany's first half foul trouble and it came back to haunt us in the second half. I thought Washington County's bench came in and did a great job while Brittany was on the bench.”
 Freddie Leathers - “After all that's happened recently, I just let it go this week. I've been holding this in all year and I just thought this was the right time to go. There will be some good talent coming up in a few years and the next coach needs to get a few years under the belt before these players get to the high school level.”
 Freddie Leathers - “The way the game was called there was a lot of contact under the basket. She (Browning) only got to the line for two or three free throws and she was getting hit on the arm all night long. That put us at an extreme disadvantage.”
 Freddie Leathers - “We came out in the second half very aggressive. We played with a lot of heart and we had chances late in the game but just couldn't make the plays.”
 Denny Leathers - “James just pitched very well, he did an excellent job despite hurting himself twice during the game. We did hit well today and that was certainly a pleasant thing as well.”
 Freddie Leathers - “We played fairly well but Russell shot the ball extremely well and we never could get the lead late in the game. It was a game that seesawed back and forth all night with Russell taking advantage of the home court and some timely foul shooting to gain the victory.”
 Freddie Leathers - “Yeah, we didn't shoot the foul shots well but we were still in the game with two minutes left in the game. Our defense cost us the game. We never adjusted to their offense and they shot lay-ups all night.”
 Freddie Leathers - “The big difference in this game was the aggressive play of our team on offense as well as defense. This was a breakout game for Dee. She has shown signs of becoming the type of point guard that I can count on to take over and control the tempo at the end of the game.”
 Freddie Leathers - “It was a very hard fought victory. Dee was fantastic and made the big plays when we needed them and Natalie King played an excellent game. Natalie has given us another force inside and lately has been our most consistent player in the paint.”
 Freddie Leathers - “The first half I thought that we played pretty good basketball. We didn't really shoot the ball particularly well but we rebounded the ball well enough to stay in the game.”
 Derek Leathers - “We ended 2005 with the average age of our fleet at 1.23 years. We want to continue to do that through 2006 so that we can mitigate the impact of the 2007 engines as much as possible.”
 Freddie Leathers - “Taylor County is a good match-up for us, a team that we are not afraid of playing against. We lost a tough game to them when we made only 17 of 33 free throws, but we have beaten them two out of three times.”