My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Leatherwood - “It's just a matter of time. Whether it's tomorrow or next week, we'll get it.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “I didn't lose my job here, so it was a great opportunity. The players weren't very good, but I learned a lot more about life over there.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “There was actually a kid who had been in the military who was older than I was.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “I got a very, very lucky break by being able to start in college.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “It was a typical game after Christmas break. We were really rusty. They beat us by eight, and we had two guys who missed 12 foul shots. We haven't played in two weeks, since Dec. 17, and we were out of shape.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “I was usually so busy preparing for the next season I didn't have time to seek other jobs. I may have had the opportunity, but I like being the head coach instead of being an assistant somewhere.”
 Mike Leatherwood - “This year's team has players who like to play together. I think basketball, more than any sport, you have to mold players into a cohesive unit.”