My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Leckie - “It's always tough to have to say something to your team for the last time. With him, I'm not quite sure. I've thought about it. But every time I get to him, I'm never sure what to say.”
 Rita Leckie - “It's our position at this time that there was no just cause to discharge any of these people.”
 Bob Leckie - “He has the opportunity. The ball is in his hands and he makes good choices with it. That's going to continue until the very last second of his time here at St. Peter's.”
 Rita Leckie - “We have a signed contract. We're prohibited from picketing or calling a boycott.”
 Rita Leckie - “They didn't ask for any changes whatsoever in the contract.”
 Rita Leckie - “Some of the principals in the corporation are the same people. We took the position that it was the same company.”
 Bob Leckie - “You've got to drink more beer. I never cramp up.”
 Bob Leckie - “He was just in shock, didn't know which way to turn. He's a changed young man, forever. I don't think he picked up a basketball all June, July or August.”
 Bob Leckie - “I've been around basketball for almost 40 years and I've never seen back-to-back 40-point games like that. It was then that I thought I had something special.”