My Favorite Quotes
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 Jamelah Leddy - “I hate to use a cliche, but Nike is running on all cylinders.”
 Jamelah Leddy - “They beat my number by 20 cents.”
 Jamelah Leddy - “It was certainly a good quarter, way better than expectations, but futures orders were less than we had hoped for. With that said, I don't think the model is broken.”
 Jamelah Leddy - “As a company, they do a good job focusing on introducing a new product and then expanding it among their product line.”
 Jamelah Leddy - “Everything that the company is saying says that things are continuing to progress. (But) it is hard to verify that independently. You are taking it with a lot of faith.”
 John Leddy - “As much as possible, we'd like to draw on open standards. The intent isn't for OTI to be a standards body. We'll take what's been defined.”
 John Leddy - “Make sure you exercise more than once a week. Make sure you're active, even when you're not playing basketball.”