My Favorite Quotes
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 Dee Lee - “Before you can get into things like investing and saving for the future, you've got to figure out how you are spending it.”
 Johnny Lee - “The U.S. market's strength overnight helped the main board to extend gains since it started a rebound Friday.”
 Jennifer Lee - “Further cutbacks and restructuring at the large U.S. automakers and slowing activity south of the border bode for steady, but not spectacular, gains.”
 Chris Lee - “It's almost to the point where I'm frustrated that I can't put a string of games together without something else hurting.”
 Ken Klee - “Physically I feel good, ... There is only one way to get in game shape and that is by playing games. I'm excited to get going.”
 Ken Klee - “Things are changing, but it's exciting, ... When they changed the rules, they were looking for ways to allow teams to come back who were down in games.”
 Ken Klee - “I'm not worried that we're not in the playoffs right now. We have 35 games left. We know it's going to be tight race the rest of the way.”
 Mark Lee - “That was one of the better games that we've played all year. He (McKinney) hit a great shot, missed the first one and got the second one.”
 Richard Lee - “This has been a rough spring. We've had to postpone games right and left.”
 Jon Newlee - “I think she just is very talented offensively. She has scored all year, but she had stepped it up in the last couple of games in the Big Sky.”
 Jim Brownlee - “This is a game that we as a team always look forward to. Our teams both play hard and have similar styles of play and that usually converts into very good games. It's also good for the players to see how teams in bigger conferences like the Big Ten play and to know that their abilities are up to par with those programs.”
 Vance Lee - “I think these girls, especially our seniors are overachievers. They met their potential, and that's all you can ask for. They battled from the start of the season to the end. We just ran into a really good Garden Plain team.”
 James Parmelee - “We are comfortable with our 39 billion-plus sales forecast for 2001, given Nortel's strong product portfolio in optics, wireless, access, and next generation switching.”
 Kitae Lee - “Samsung's 2006 slim phone line-up, the most advanced and diverse in the industry, showcases the company's manufacturing and design genius. We continue to lead the wireless industry with premier technologies and eye-catching form factors.”
 Lorrin Lee - “To get more, give more.”
 Ang Lee - “They deal with issues and they ask questions they don't really give resolution. That's the mood this year.”
 Sarah Lee - “Finally on the back nine, I had the perfect rhythm. The eagle was fun, I knew it would give me the lead.”
 Clifton Lee - “Our guys off the bench give us a spark. Not many other teams have that.”
 Chris Lee - “They have nothing to be ashamed of. Back in January, we basically couldn't afford to lose another game, and this team handled it well. They have a certain stubbornness and refused to give up.”
 Derrek Lee - “Except for a few pitches, he pitched great. We really wanted to give him the win. It was a gutsy performance by him. We couldn't get enough runs for him and it's a little frustrating.”
 Danielle Lee - “They always made sure I stood strong in what I believed in. They taught me that everything I do has to have a purpose. You have to give it your all and not give up. They saying that over and over again to me is what got me here.”
 Linda Lee - “We wanted to give back. We wanted to share our skills with others.”
 Gypsy Lee - “Praying is like a rocking chair - it'll give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere”
 Howard Lee - “We need to take a comprehensive look at the needs across the state. That would give us a solid base to hold discussions with the legislature.”
 Jay Inslee - “They want to give away the taxpayers' gold. If somebody went to Fort Knox and took gold out, they'd be in jail for the rest of their lives. But in national forests, people can take gold (under the bill) and be considered friends of the Republican Party.”

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