My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Leech - “We'll capitalize it more conservatively, which will allow them better opportunities for internal growth and just as important, better opportunities for acquisitions and external growth.”
 Damani Leech - “A 12-game season will be discussed, but I dont have a good read on where the conferences would come out on that. Its in the proposals for the 2006 season, but teams would have a tough time getting games in place at this date.”
 John Leech - “Continually finding excuses for taking a small glass of brandy and water.”
 Damani Leech - “Eight seeds is probably the furthest away from going down, and its not going in front of the board specifically. It may be forced in coming years when the Northeast Conference and Great West would ramp things up. Well deal with more bracket type issues at that point.”
 Damani Leech - “That will be an effort not so much in selling the brand as getting people on the same page with the nomenclature. We will be informing the media what the name change is and getting the sports information, marketing, and all departments the message about what is happening. Were hoping to get across the message that we are all Division I.”
 John Leech - “It was only my loyalty and extreme love of peace and order that made me stand it.”
 Jim Leech - “We are pleased to continue our partnership with York Street Capital. This expanded capital commitment helps to fill the growing need for junior capital driven by strong buyout markets and record levels of private equity fundraising. Through York Street, we are providing broader financing alternatives to companies and equity sponsors at a time when flexible junior capital solutions are an important component in financing both buyouts and corporate expansion. We believe that York Street will continue to generate superior returns and provide attractive co-investment opportunities for Teachers' Private Capital.”
 Jim Leech - “Neil has proven his capability to lead this complex and geographically diverse business and has the full support of both owners.”
 Jim Leech - “Our whole private equity business has been aimed at what I would call a real economy -- businesses that are pretty stable, having good cash flows and businesses that are not buffeted by changes in economic conditions.”
 Damani Leech - “More student-athletes would be able to travel and to dress on the field, and it would give institutions the ability to bring more people along for the playoffs and for the title game. Making a profit is an individual institutional decision, but our motivation is to help them not spend as much money and be able to celebrate the event. This will hopefully allow people to do that.”