My Favorite Quotes
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 Gerald Lefcourt - “Martha's personal assistant could be another key witness for the government.”
 Gerald Lefcourt - “Just because someone's convicted of a large fraud, you don't have to give him a life sentence. White collar crimes are deterred by even short sentences. White collar people don't need to see a 65-year-old get 25 years to be deterred.”
 Gerald Lefcourt - “We did not get money from McGriff, period,”
 Gerald Lefcourt - “Let me make this plain, Chris Lorenzo, and I also mean his brother Irv, did not launder anyone's money, ... Supreme never brought money of any kind.”
 Gerald Lefcourt - “This is a man who followed his dream.”
 Gerald Lefcourt - “It's very unusual that the judge placed such restrictions on her defense counsel ... after she's been saying all along that she is innocent.”