My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Lefebvre - “I thought Wang Nan was pretty good. He struggled in the first, but he only gave up one run. Really, we were fine until the ninth inning.”
 Sebastien Lefebvre - “They could hear and have a good time like everybody else. It blows my mind.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “Although our team didn't play well, I would like to thank the WBC organizers. Next time we'll be more prepared and play better.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “I think our players were a little nervous today. But dealing with pressure is part of being a professional.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “The only thing I can say is that we're a lot better than we played tonight. It wasn't that we were tired or because of travel. We just played an ugly game tonight, period.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “We just played an ugly game tonight.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “People don't expect much from us, but the most important thing is to go out and play hard and enjoy the experience. This is the first time our players have been on the field with such experienced players. You just go out and do the best you can.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “I felt we were a little flat coming out of a big game (Friday night). I thought our hitting was flat, our pitcher was a little nervous and they took advantage of it. When you don't get a lot of hits, it always looks like your team is down. We weren't getting anyone on base.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “We are a lot better team than the way we played tonight. We played an ugly game. The best thing you can do on a night like this is forget about it.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “I think that nerves were a factor today. This was a big game for us.”
 Sebastien Lefebvre - “We are big fans of happy music and stuff like that.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “We didn't do much offensively tonight. We didn't swing the bat well. We didn't make a lot of hard outs. We have to do better than that.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “If he had had a chance to play Little League, high school, Babe Ruth and so on, there is no telling where he could be right now. His legs alone make him Major League-quality.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “Uehara is an outstanding pitcher. Our goal is to make him throw the ball over the plate, wait for a mistake and hit it.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “It's hard to say. He's got pretty good control. If you've been in the game long enough, you expect those things.”
 Paul Lefebvre - “On the high frequency, rain is a concern, but because these distances are so short, they should never see any outage due to rain. Almost to the point where it would take an act of God, and if it's raining that hard, there probably are other things you should be worrying about.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “Sun did well in the Asian games, did great in Italy during our pre-World Cup tour, and was doing great in Holland before he was injured. The better the competition got, the better he got.”
 Guillaume Lefebvre - “It's not the same rule. I just went to clear the zone and it went too high.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “This was the highest level of baseball these guys have ever been exposed to. You only improve by playing against better teams and this was a great experience for our players.”
 Jim Lefebvre - “What he's going to do (in the WBC) is show a lot of people that he can compete at a very high level and elevate everyone's opinion of the baseball talent in China. When he's hitting well, he is a fun guy to watch.”