My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Lefkowitz - “We spoke about the importance of raising international consciousness on the issue of human rights in North Korea and the terrible deprivation of human rights by that regime.”
 William Lefkowitz - “We are seeing interest in the March and April 15 calls. They (investors) are betting that the earnings will be a surprise to the upside.”
 Jay Lefkowitz - “The United States has a tradition of being a refuge to vulnerable people seeking haven from despotic regimes, and we will do our part to help this vulnerable population.”
 William Lefkowitz - “There are rumors that Boeing could announce a 5 billion Chinese order as early as tomorrow and, because of that speculation, the call options have become very active.”
 William Lefkowitz - “The technology stocks, especially the semiconductor sector, are starting to come back into favor. This looks like a change in leadership from other areas like the energy sector. People are looking to put money back into the market, especially into sectors that have been laggards.”
 William Lefkowitz - “A lot of people are assuming after Intel's disappointment that Texas Instruments will also disappoint.”
 William Lefkowitz - “There is a rumor that they lost a major contract and they could announce it as early as Friday.”
 Jay Lefkowitz - “He's taken a very personal interest and a fairly significant interest in the issue of human rights. He fundamentally believes the character of the North Korean regime is defined by its human rights conduct.”
 Jay Lefkowitz - “A lot of what goes on over there is shrouded in such secrecy. The North Koreans have made it very, very hard to get out. Over the years, a lot of people have been sent back over the border. In this instance, we had a name. It was very appropriate for the international community to call it out.”
 Jay Lefkowitz - “The issue of human rights is a national security issue for us and while we have lots of issues to address with North Korea and we have lots of issues to address with China, the prism through which we evaluate their conduct is very much a human rights prism.”
 Jay Lefkowitz - “I am hopeful and really confident that we are at a turning point in our ability to bring North Korean refugees here.”