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 Byron Leftwich - “You can't think that way, ... We're not the Baltimore Ravens of 2000. We've got too many good players on offense to be even thinking that way.”
 Byron Leftwich - “Those are things that scare us, but hopefully those things turn out well. You hope it's nothing major, but you never know.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I hope it's 105 degrees.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I hope it's about 105,”
 Willie Leftwich - “Everybody thought the worst was gonna happen.”
 Byron Leftwich - “He got me the first time, and I got him this time.”
 Willie Leftwich - “It was the first time whites and blacks had ever played for the city championship.”
 Byron Leftwich - “Jimmy, you can't look at his age. He's one of those guys like Rice. You can't look at his age and say, 'Well, it's about that time.' Jimmy will get old when guys start covering him by themselves, and that hasn't happened since I've been here.”
 Byron Leftwich - “That's the key. You have to start fast. So many times last year we started slow.”
 Byron Leftwich - “That could have been ugly. That could have been it for a while.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I can already tell you that when we watch the film, it's going to be frustrating,”
 Byron Leftwich - “Ed Reed. Just the way he baits the quarterback. He always seems to have an idea of what you are trying to do. If you watch the film, he shows you how he baits the quarterback and everyone seems to do the same thing every time they face him. He is the best in the league.”
 Byron Leftwich - “You guys left him for dead, said he was all washed up. Somebody was wrong.”
 Byron Leftwich - “We've had a chance to play together two years, and we know what good and bad look like. We understand the difference. We know how good a football team we have. On paper, we have a great football team.”
 Byron Leftwich - “You've got so many people watching you and looking up to you. But you're just not thinking about that at a time like that. You're in the heat of battle. I didn't start it. Things were said, things were done toward my way. I just returned the favor.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I really want to go out there and have no pain, really go out there and have as less pain as possible. It's a day to go out and see what I can and can't do and to see how far I can go.”
 Byron Leftwich - “There's not a lot of pain. There's still a lot of swelling. It's still broken. Bone doesn't heel in two weeks.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I'm feeling pretty good, I'm ready to roll. It shouldn't be getting any worse than it was on Sunday. I know my leg won't be in that much pain.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I'm not expecting to be rusty. The great thing for me is I have the opportunity to go against a top defense every day in practice. Hopefully that will have me more prepared than I should be.”
 Byron Leftwich - “The great thing for me is I have the opportunity to go against a top five, top 10 defense everyday in practice. I get the chance to go out and practice against our guys. Theyre one of the top defenses in the league, so, hopefully, that in itself will have me more prepared than I should be. Im not worried about being rusty.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I'm looking forward to it. It has been a tough 'rehab' to even get to the situation I'm in now. I'm happy to be out there practicing. I'm the leader of this football team and my guys are happy that I'm going to have the opportunity to be out there with them on Saturday.”
 Byron Leftwich - “It is exciting to be at this point because you understand you did so much rehab and you are at the point where you have the opportunity to win a championship. Im looking forward to it. Is has been a lot of tough rehab to be even in the situation I am now. Im the leader of this football team and my guys are happy that Im going to have the opportunity to go out there on Saturday.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I watch a lot of TV and I haven't seen anybody give us a chance. That is cool with us because we understand that is not going to determine if we win the football game or not. What is going to determine it is how well we are going to prepare this week and how well we get out there and play on Saturday night.”
 Byron Leftwich - “I made a mistake. I have to deal with it,”
 Byron Leftwich - “I'm not looking that rusty in practice. I'm hitting everything. My goal this week is to make it through without a setback.”

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