My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Legerski - “You start wondering when that first victory is going to come. That victory made them relax and start enjoying the season.”
 Joe Legerski - “The last two years, we've been on spring break right now, so this is really exciting.”
 Joe Legerski - “There was a little Wyoming magic in the Arena tonight. We're down five with 15 seconds to go, Dominique Sisk hits a three point field goal, we come up with the steal and Erin Hicks gets a basket which forces the overtime. It's been this way with this group that never gives up and plays for the entire game. We've had to grow up over the last couple of games, and we just needed to get back to the way we were playing. Erin Hicks got us off to a great start tonight. She's been struggling from the field, but she did a nice job of getting things going on the offensive end.”
 Joe Legerski - “One of the things I thought tonight is that we could never put two big baskets together, or put a basket and a stop together. And I give Nebraska a lot of credit for that. We got the crowd into it. I thought we were going to get a little momentum, and they would stop it immediately with a big play.”
 Joe Legerski - “I knew we couldn't play a half-court game. They have too much size, and they're a very good team.”
 Joe Legerski - “I was in this league when it was the High Country (Athletic Conference) and I believe that this might be the strongest this league has been from top to bottom. There's a lot of winning going on in this league and it's going to be a challenge.”
 Joe Legerski - “I hope when the committee takes a look at teams that it's not just comparing two Mountain West Conference teams. I hope we're being compared to anyone else in the country.”
 Joe Legerski - “When we took the job three years ago we knew we had some building to do. With the players that have been able to come in and the commitment of these players, I can't say enough for what they've done for me and to be able to get this program headed into the right direction.”
 Joe Legerski - “(Nebraska) is a very talented team. Their guards can shoot the basketball. They have the post presence. We're going to have to play at our best level.”
 Joe Legerski - “That has to be the best one week of basketball I've ever been associated with. I've been with seasons that have been tremendous, but never to that caliber. That week really gave us the confidence that we could make this a special season.”
 Joe Legerski - “These are young players who are used to winning and bring a winning attitude to our program.”
 Joe Legerski - “The future of Wyoming is very bright when I have two sophomores of that ability.”