My Favorite Quotes
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 Doug Leggate - “Delivering volume growth is critical to the Exxon story -- but incremental margins are equally critical.”
 Doug Leggate - “There seems to be a greater tolerance in the economy in terms of what can be withstood.”
 Doug Leggate - “We continue to view near-term sector weakness as more opportunity than risk as we head toward winter.”
 Doug Leggate - “Without a shadow of a doubt, Exxon has the best management in the oil industry. They've been riding the momentum of higher prices for some time now, and they've got a pipeline of new opportunities that promises volume growth.”
 Doug Leggate - “The dynamic shifted this year. There was a growing perception that supply was running out. The doomsday scenario that stated OPEC couldn't meet demand and the Saudis wouldn't be able to increase output gained traction.”
 Doug Leggate - “The removal of hedging for '06 should reveal (the company's) true earnings power as hedges have depressed earnings over the past three years.”
 Doug Leggate - “Exxon produces the equivalent of a small country every year so replacing that with new reserves is a tough task. But they've got a pipeline of opportunities coming online that promises to be a meaningful driver of growth.”