My Favorite Quotes
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 Katherine Legge - “It was so cool to see those young girls after I won, ... Hopefully, people like me can open doors for young girls like them. I didn't actually think I could be a racing driver when I was growing up because I'm a girl.”
 Katherine Legge - “It's all so new to me. I have to be more physical to drive the car, and the whole thing is just a different beast with the pit stops, push-to-pass and strategy. ... I just want to be rookie of the year and improve toward 2007 and see where we are as a team.”
 Walter Legge - “I disliked singing in English and neither liked the story nor the character of Cressida.”
 Katherine Legge - “It's been a blast. I'm not really sure where I am or what day it is, but I'm learning a lot in a short period of time.”
 Walter Legge - “I am convinced that in the arts, committees are useless.”
 Ed Legge - “We've got people who deal with these things all the time, and it looked to them like it was a usage issue. We just followed procedure, and in this case, it didn't get resolved as quickly as the customer wanted it to.”
 Katherine Legge - “Overall, it was a good day. I'm getting more accustomed to driving a Champ Car and I'm very thankful to PKV for this opportunity and their help. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get my time down into the 51-second range, but the day went well and I'm happy with the way I drove. We still have some work to do tomorrow.”
 Katherine Legge - “We achieved what we needed to achieve, we finished the race and finished well but I'm a racer and you always want to do better. I made some mistakes but overall I have to be pleased. I think for me, the record is great but the less of a female novelty that this thing becomes, the better. I'm just trying to be a race car driver and do what these guys do.”
 Ed Legge - “It's not as expensive as it would have been had if, say we had a really cold January or if we were having normal, cold winter, but it's still expensive -- still more than it ever has been.”
 Katherine Legge - “I'm of two minds about next season. At the moment the plan is Atlantics unless I do something stunning in this test, but I don't know. My ego wants to go to Champ Car right now.”
 Walter Legge - “I have little use for Grieg or my Concerto, this is not only extraordinary piano playing, it is an entirely new way of playing the piano.”
 Katherine Legge - “She's been very supportive, but I don't think this is what she expected her daughter to do,”
 Katherine Legge - “It's a great honor to get the Most Promising Road Racer Award.. It means a lot to me to get the award, especially against such talented competition. I am very grateful to those that voted for me and I hope I can deliver on those expectations.”
 Katherine Legge - “The only thing we really have in common is that we're both female.”
 Katherine Legge - “The slot car track was amazing. It was incredible how similar the track was to the real thing at the airport where we landed. We even had some crashes in turn one on the starts so you know it was authentic.”
 Katherine Legge - “In this sport, ... you're nobody unless you're winning. I wouldn't be getting any attention if I wasn't winning. You have to make sure you're worthy of the attention.”
 Walter Legge - “Democracy is fatal for the arts it leads only to chaos or the achievement of new and lower common denominators of quality.”