My Favorite Quotes
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 Dick Leggitt - “Colorado is the only state with a majority Republican voter registration in which the Republicans hold neither house of the state legislature. We've lost a Senate seat and a House seat under the current leadership. It will be up to the voters to decide if Marc's vision is something they want to embrace.”
 Dick Leggitt - “We just kicked his butt. Every time we have a debate, he talks about milking cows and all this pap, and we talk about the issues.”
 Dick Leggitt - “He'll debate us when they see us breathing down their necks.”
 Dick Leggitt - “In 1993, Marc went to Eastern Europe and set up a company to help emerging democracies learn about free enterprise. He helped those countries get investment dollars from America.”
 Dick Leggitt - “It's what we in the election business call spin.”
 Dick Leggitt - “Some see it as unusual, but we see it as an experience level that can benefit Colorado. He created jobs and opportunity, and that's exactly what we have to have in Colorado.”
 Dick Leggitt - “We're going to go ahead and get our petition certified so if we decide to gather signatures, we can do it quickly.”
 Dick Leggitt - “I'm not aware of those comments. But I do know the Bush administration regards him very highly and is very pleased with the steadfastness of his support for America.”