My Favorite Quotes
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 Michel Legrand - “So I write melodies - thirty, forty, fifty - then I cast them off until I have just two or three. If only one is needed, I go see the director and ask him to decide.”
 Michel Legrand - “I have a very strange melodic gift melodies come to me effortlessly.”
 Michel Legrand - “Here is how I work when I think that a film needs to have a principal theme, I search for a melody.”
 London LeGrand - “Yeah. Yeah, that was mine. Like I said, Tracii ( Guns ) gave me CD filled with music and I came up with lyrics and melody lines and stuff.”
 London LeGrand - “Good guy... I'm sure you guys have met him before but uh, I was in London England and uh...”
 London LeGrand - “I was amazed, it's like this guys either strong as nails, or just like knows what he's all about. He is like one of the coolest guys I think I've ever met. I thought it was a tragedy the guy had to be taken out like that. It wasn't right. So, um, I thought he definately deserved, at least, a song on the album from uh.. one band. You know what I mean”
 Michel Legrand - “I would listen to something on the radio and try to tap out the melody, then the harmonies.”
 London LeGrand - “Yeah. (chuckles) And he was uh, man you know, I had never met the guy before. I've got like some posters of them up, from when I used to listen to them and stuff. 'Cowboys from Hell' , that stuff. But anyway, um.. the rumor was that the guy had drank for like two days and he was still like (when I met him) was like the coolest guy. I mean like sweet as hell, down to earth. Just like as real as could be. You know, I grew up in parts of the South were like, people would take one shot of Jack Daniels and wanna kick your ass.”
 Michel Legrand - “My father had left behind an old piano. My sister was already going to school, my mother was out working, and I stayed at home alone with my adorable grandmother who understood nothing I said. It was so boring that I stayed at the piano all day long, and that saved my life.”