My Favorite Quotes
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 David Legwand - “Tomas stole some games for us this season. Chris Mason has done an excellent job when he's had to come in and relieve him. We're looking for Mace to be good in the games and to work his butt off.”
 David Legwand - “I think the lockout will have more of an affect on the older teams. We're a young team and I don't think the layoff will hurt us that much. Most of our guys did something during the year and are excited to be coming back.”
 David Legwand - “I tried to wait him out but he kept his blocker pretty high pretty long.”
 David Legwand - “We are trying not to make a big deal of the record. We are aware of our situation, but it is early.”
 David Legwand - “We're trying not to make a big deal of the record.”
 David Legwand - “We have to be aware of the spoiler, we have got to come out and play our game. These teams aren't in the race right now, they're playing for their jobs. We've got to come out and win these games. They are big games that we should win, we have to win.”