My Favorite Quotes
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 Ali A. Saleh - “The opposition may have the right to doubt every thing, but for myself, I call on opposition to practice its role within limits of objectively, responsibility and country interests.”
 Ali A. Saleh - “United States is a great Country and has its effective role on the international arena, so we have to boost our relations with it, in order to achieve peace and stability in our region and the world.”
 Ali A. Saleh - “Yemeni politics depends on establishing friendly relations, developing cooperation, and mutual interests will all countries all over the world.”
 Ali A. Saleh - “Our relations with brothers in Gulf Cooperation council are good and developing, either bilateral relations or with the G.C.C itself, also we have good brotherly and solid ties with Saudi Arabia.”
 Ali A. Saleh - “French Yemeni relations are strong and good, they are relations depending on friendship and cooperation my relationship with the president Chiraq are old and real.”
 Joe Masleh - “We had a heck of a first half. We were down eight, came back and took the lead at the half. At halftime I told them, 'They're going to come back. They're a quality team.' But we kind of went through the motions. We didn't push the ball. Was it anything they were doing No. They weren't pressing us. We were content walking the ball up.”
 Nashwa Saleh - “There is an improvement in the overall economic atmosphere and a better than expected increase in company profits due to tax reductions. But share- prices were still overvalued.”
 Mohammed Saleh - “We agreed with representatives from community groups that we would strictly limit ourselves to 80 people.”
 Mohammed Saleh - “We know there was tremendous pressure from the community not to grant us the variance and we have a strong feeling that some prejudice was involved.”
 Barham Saleh - “This is designed to bring about a civil war.”
 Joe Masleh - “It's quite evident we have been a two-man team all year long. We've been able to fool a lot of people. When you go against a team the caliber of Lansdale Catholic, other kids have to be willing to step up. Rayne and Ryan can't carry this team. As much as they'd like to, it's impossible to.”
 Paul Saleh - “Recent strength in monthly revenue, coupled with solid subscriber additions, is driving excellent top-line growth in our business.”
 Ali A. Saleh - “The situation in the region is flammable and may explode at any moment, because of the crucial events and because of the absence of justice in executing the international legitimacy resolutions, regarding the Israeli Arab cause and the oppression on Palestinians by Israelis.”
 Barham Saleh - “We should have had the support of the Arab world in a more active manner - but as they say, better late than never.”
 Ted Leh - “It's really the information age. ... We have to use our intelligence, because we're not going to see a re-emergence of the manufacturing base. If you train and educate your kids, they will get ahead ... that's the key to better paying jobs.”
 Joe Masleh - “Rayne and Ryan, four straight district titles. Heck of an accomplishment.”

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