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 Peter Lehman - “Edwards is a major figure in radio, TV and film, as a writer, producer and a director. He is also a painter and a sculptor. There is no one quite like him in his generation.”
 Tom Lehman - “You never see them give up. They're never out of a hole, never satisfied.”
 Tom Lehman - “You never see them give up. They're never out of a hole, never satisfied and they hate to lose. They also putt the same way. Both like to die the ball into the hole with the same speed, so they can read putts together accurately.”
 Tom Lehman - “I've always felt like she's Secretariat, ... You can give her minor adjustments -- adjust the bit in her mouth -- but it's like, 'Let her go.' She's that good.”
 Tom Lehman - “I've always felt like she's Secretariat. You can give her minor adjustments -- adjust the bit in her mouth -- but it's like, 'Let her go.' She's that good.”
 Tom Lehman - “I'd like to be in a position to give my spot up if I had to.”
 Phyllis Lehman - “He was a good dad and a good provider. He'd do anything for you. He'd give you anything he possibly could.”
 Tom Lehman - “If we went over to Ireland and just played a great match and our guys played phenomenal golf and they were loose and focused and motivated, and they were together and they put on a great show and lose, how can you not feel good about that in some ways”
 Tom Lehman - “I'm playing better golf. I'm giving myself chances, and it's been awhile. The biggest thing is controlling my emotions.”
 Tom Lehman - “I think it's a good starting point. The thing I liked was that they all seemed to enjoy their teammates. Aside from the success, they seemed to enjoy playing with the guys they played with, and that's a big deal.”
 Tom Lehman - “We want to have players who are winning tournaments. I wouldn't feel good about it, quite frankly, unless I started winning, and that hasn't happened in a while.”
 Tom Lehman - “You have to move it out there a little bit off the tee, but I think the biggest difference is that you have to hit it straighter. Even with the changes, I still think it's going to come down to having a great short game. It is longer, but if the short game is working, it's going to be a good week.”
 Ron Lehman - “A 1.6 percent annual job growth rate spread across all industries is an encouraging economic indicator.”
 Ron Lehman - “There was no one I would rather have had the position. Wayne is one of the best. He was my right hand man. When I was principal, I could count on Wayne to step up and do things others would not. He is a true professional.”
 Tom Lehman - “8. Do you realize, ... that if your ball is hanging on the lip of the hole, you only have 10 seconds to putt it in 16-2 Sometimes, you can even see it rolling forward, but you have to putt it in 10 seconds, or it's one shot penalty. So they're telling you to hit a ball that's moving, which is also illegal.”
 John Lehman - “I think that it is in their interest to meet with us.”
 David Lehman - “Obscurantism is the academic theorist's revenge on society for having consigned him or her to relative obscurity -- a way of proclaiming one's superiority in the face of one's diminished influence.”
 Tully Lehman - “Depending on the size of the event it will take some time before someone can come out.”
 Jenny Lehman - “I do believe the shelters are all closed at this time and they are trying to get people back into their homes. But, over 198,000 of the kits have been given out. I believe it's far from being over yet.”
 Roger Lehman - “Normally, city teams don't like to play a lot of defense for too long, so we wanted to take our time a lot on offense.”
 Roger Lehman - “I got to the hoop every time I wanted to, and with 45 seconds left I get called for traveling. I just don't believe it.”
 John Lehman - “It's time for an entirely new system,”
 Michael Lehman - “We just don't think it's appropriate right now, in these times, to give a range.”
 Michael Lehman - “We have not seen such a widespread and sudden change in demand than we are seeing today.”
 Phyllis Lehman - “He thought he could walk.”

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