My Favorite Quotes
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 Kari Lehtonen - “I had hoped to be further along with my groin injury and strong enough to help Finland compete for a gold medal, but I'm still not playing at full strength and don't feel my game is at the level it needs to be.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “It's the only thing I can do right now. I don't want to go over there and hurt myself. It would be a tough two weeks.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “It was just a lucky bounce and it came so late that we didn't have time to regroup.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “This was the greatest game I have ever been involved in team-wise. We played so well. We scored when we had a chance and did not give them many chances.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “I didn't have any pain at all. A couple of goals I wasn't very happy about. It feels bad because we played a great game.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “I was hoping to play a little more earlier in the season. It's a different situation now. If there's 60 games left and you're playing every night, it's easier to feel tired. There's only (12 games) to go. It doesn't seem like that many. Mentally, that's the big thing, that's why it doesn't bother me.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “It was just amazing how we played that last period. We turned it around. I was very confident in overtime because we were playing so well. When we didn't score in overtime, I was a little worried because basically I didn't do anything for the last 25 minutes. It's just nice to make some saves and get the two points.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “There were a couple of turnovers, and they came pretty hard. We were not patient enough. They put the puck deep, and I should have had two of those goals also. It's just hard to come back after that.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “It's definitely the hardest decision of my life. But I had to face facts. I can't handle 10 games in two weeks, or whatever it would be.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “It was definitely the hardest decision of my life. I'm very disappointed.”
 Kari Lehtonen - “I'm very disappointed that I'm unable to represent my country, but after speaking with our doctors, we feel it's the best thing to do at this time and my only real option. We will now use the Olympic break as a part of my rehab program in an effort to continue strengthening the injury for the final stretch of the season.”