My Favorite Quotes
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 David Leibowitz - “They will not be able to fill total demand that appears to be building for this holiday season.”
 David Leibowitz - “clearly caught the industry by surprise.”
 David Leibowitz - “There are people in this Legislature, if they could pave the whole state over, they'd be happy campers.”
 David Leibowitz - “This ship will have the same jaw-dropping awe that the newest casino-hotels in Las Vegas have. There will be so many things on board that you won't be able to get to it all on a 7-night cruise.”
 David Leibowitz - “Bernie has done a fine job positioning the product, ... orchestrating a media blitz that has resulted in a sell-out before it hits the shelves.”
 David Leibowitz - “I suspect that software is going to drive this generation of products much as it drove the prior generation. Nintendo has proven itself a master of coming up with software that has play value.”
 David Leibowitz - “The opportunity to profit from the creative talent and the icons that Sega has already created such as 'Sonic' are very strong, ... The arrangements with Microsoft for the Xbox and other projects underway could result in a meaningful turnaround in the company's fortunes.”