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 Tom Leighton - “Taxes are our main revenue, ... We have to rebuild the city by attracting working class families. To do that we need good jobs and affordable housing in a clean, safe city.”
 John Leighton - “Its more than an exhibition it's theater, it's confrontation.”
 John Leighton - “We've been at this so long people don't even realize where we went to high school. All you're going to do (with this column) is put ideas in people's heads who've never thought about it.”
 Tom Leighton - “The City of Wilkes-Barre is moving forward in the right direction, ... Extensive, well-thought-out projects like the Waller Street replacement will prepare the city for its future.”
 John Leighton - “We wanted to run (tonight), that is our style, but clearly that is their game as well. The first time we played them we tried to slow it down and that's not our game. I told our girls that I'd rather risk being great with the risk of losing than playing it safe. I'm very proud of the effort. They got a lot of second shots and they beat us on the boards on both ends.”
 Tom Leighton - “I hate to travel, but it has to be done. These are not fun trips. These are trips we prepare for weeks, ... On all these trips, we came back with some really great results.”
 John Leighton - “We focused on the two of them, and we challenged the other players to beat us. And, their role players had trouble doing that.”
 Tom Leighton - “What part of no don't you understand”
 John Leighton - “Certainly, ... I love Amsterdam but my wife and I come back here about three or four times a year on family holidays.”
 Tom Leighton - “If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't be worried about being watched,”
 John Leighton - “I've been in Amsterdam for almost nine years, very much enjoyed it, but it feels good to be moving on and moving back.”
 John Leighton - “I've been in Amsterdam for almost nine years, very much enjoyed it, but it feels good to be moving on and moving back.”
 Tom Leighton - “People go out to the vigil for their own individual reasons, but primarily it's to pay our respects and share our grief collectively.”
 Tom Leighton - “This is a very important project for the southern end of town, ... Most of the people here are familiar with the problems here with the bridges.”
 Tom Leighton - “It's frustrating, ... I believe the majority of the people understand why we've had to make cuts and make changes. We're struggling to keep our heads above water and it remains an uphill battle.”
 Tom Leighton - “I think they need to perform very thorough background checks, ... I am in favor of helping those in need, but if the programs are not being run properly, I have an obligation to protect our residents and visitors and help prevent things like the tragedy that just occurred.”
 John Leighton - “Obviously I don't know anything about who else was a candidate, ... But, looking at it from my perspective, I'm sure there are elements of what I have to offer which might seem safe. As for the shock of the new - I'm involved in a contemporary art museum in the Netherlands which has an international reputation as one of the best of the country. I've done exhibitions at the Van Gogh involving contemporary art and we've done work with modern painters, sculptors and photographers.”
 John Leighton - “Our plans for this property are to take this plant and do some extensive demolition, taking down some of the higher structures. We'll be creating space for marina business, selling boats and boat storage behind it, retail in the center section, and the rest will be for offices.”
 John Leighton - “There was a time in the 80s when they were all saying that they blockbusters couldn't happen anymore, that they had gone too far, ... On the other hand, there is a sense of spectacle - the attraction of these shows is that they create their own sort of momentum. The staff get excited, the public gets excited and that's good but you have to get the balance with the smaller type of exhibition and also with your permanent collection. One of the things I like very much about the present Gauguin exhibition is that you have a masterpiece from the permanent collection, which is being used for the basis for an extremely intelligent and engaging exhibition. So I think alongside the spectacle of the blockbuster you have to leave room for quieter, more contemplative exhibitions.”
 John Leighton - “Managing physical and attendance expansions is part of my CV, ... but we shouldn't put too much of an emphasis on trying to double them. What's most important is the quality of what you have to offer and how you get the audience engaged in the collections. That's more important to me than a monitor at the door that salivates every time you have another 100,000 visitors.”
 Tom Leighton - “We are under constant attack. At any given time, we have a lot of servers taken down. And it doesn't matter, because we direct traffic elsewhere.”
 Tom Leighton - “That was a very sophisticated attack the nature of it was novel,”
 Tom Leighton - “Everyone is open for consideration, ... I think we are going to look at people who would do a commendable job and honor the wishes of our residents. I know the administration will act quickly and council will do the same.”
 Tom Leighton - “There were weekends and evening hours. A lot of time went in to defend what proved to be a deceitful action.”
 Robert Leighton - “Adversity is the diamond dust that heaven polishes it's jewels with.”

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