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 Matt Leinart - “I didn't want to celebrate until the clock hit zero, ... because who knows what can happen in three seconds. It was just a great game, and I'm still really speechless. I would imagine this will go down as one of the greatest games ever played.”
 Matt Leinart - “There's something special going on here that I didn't want to give it up.”
 Matt Leinart - “I give him a 10 because he took off from far away.”
 Matt Leinart - “That's not my goal this year, ... I have team goals. I'm focused on leading this team to whatever it can accomplish. If I don't win it, I can't be upset.”
 Matt Leinart - “I feel good about (the workout). I feel like I answered any questions they might have. I showed them my arm strength and that I'm more athletic than they've seen on film.”
 Matt Leinart - “I enjoyed my talks with all the teams. In New Orleans, I had a good session with coach Payton and (general manager Mickey) Mr. Loomis. I don't know if they're really interested because they just got Drew. But in this situation, you never know what will happen.”
 Matt Leinart - “He never puts his head down anymore. He dresses a little different, walks around a little different, and it's good to see that, ... It's fun.”
 Matt Leinart - “Every year, it gets harder. For me, personally, it's been harder. For the team, it's been harder. We showed what kind of team we are. We showed what kind of heart we have. It's been a great year, everything we could have ever expected.”
 Matt Leinart - “Absolutely. I feel it's an honor to get drafted wherever I go to whatever city takes me.”
 Matt Leinart - “I just took the choice and we went for the win. .You can play for the tie and hope to go to overtime. Or, you're on the 1-yard line, you know It's really man-on-man. It's get in the end zone, or go home.”
 Matt Leinart - “I've never even gone on that site. It's a cool idea, but I don't want to put myself out there.”
 Matt Leinart - “I had one class left and I thought it would be fun,”
 Matt Leinart - “I thought I did OK. I'm just doing my job.”
 Matt Leinart - “I wasn't the least bit surprised, ... I thought he deserved it. The team is your worst critics, your best critics. They voted for him. I thought it was awesome.”
 Matt Leinart - “Last time we were up there, we all know what happened,”
 Matt Leinart - “The last time we were up there, we all know what happened, ... This is the fourth quarter of the season. We want to keep this thing going, keep pushing. By no means is it going to be easy, these next three games.”
 Matt Leinart - “I've seen it get even bigger, especially being in L.A., being as successful as we have when a lot of other sports teams aren't. The Lakers were, but there's no other big-time team right now.”
 Matt Leinart - “It's just amazing how he's improved from game 1 to game 12. I think he's going to be one of the greatest receivers of all time. He's only a freshman at USC and just a phenomenal talent, just big, athletic and fast.”
 Matt Leinart - “You don't think at those times. You just do it. It's man on man. Get in the end zone or go home,”
 Matt Leinart - “I was going to do it, anyway. I wanted to get in there. You don't think in those times.”
 Matt Leinart - “I think at times I've lost track of just having fun and not thinking too much,”
 Matt Leinart - “If I'm going to be at an event signing autographs for two hours, people have to understand, ... I'm not a mean person if I say no.”
 Matt Leinart - “Just 16 months ago, the low-key O.C. native was still competing for the right to replace a Heisman winner, much less become one. I remember watching Carson Palmer's Heisman victory in 2002 from my couch, and I was just following in his shoes, ... I just wanted to play. I could never have imagined this.”
 Matt Leinart - “I actually just watched the film the other day, kind of analyzing and critiquing it. I didn't even watch the last two series. I just ended it that way.”
 Matt Leinart - “I don't want to watch television. I don't want to look at mock drafts. I just want it to happen.”

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