My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Leistikow - “The governor thinks it's reasonable that people shouldn't sue a restaurant just because they are overweight.”
 Dan Leistikow - “It's not for the governor to pick a number out of the air.”
 Dan Leistikow - “We are like a lot of people - at the mercy of FEMA with this.”
 Dan Leistikow - “Rather than make tough choices on spending, the Assembly decided to pass an amendment in the middle of the night without any public hearing and without any study of what the proposal actually does.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The governor is no stranger to making tough decisions and balancing budgets. He'll do exactly what he's done before, which is to make sure we have a responsible balanced budget that doesn't raise taxes.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The governor has said we've not had a nuclear plant built anywhere in the country for three decades, and Wisconsin is not going to be the state that breaks that streak.”
 Dan Leistikow - “When you know it's going to cost you 400 to rent to own something and you can walk across the street to Best Buy and get it for 250, that's valuable information for that consumer.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The governor will look closely at whatever comes to his desk. But Congress has put a mandate on the states, and they haven't given the governor very much wiggle room.”
 Dan Leistikow - “Midwifery is an accepted practice in Wisconsin, and the governor thinks it's certainly a good idea that there be basic standards in place to protect the lives of children and expecting mothers.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The governor wasn't there to endorse any candidate. He was simply there to create a format where Wisconsin residents could see and hear their candidates directly instead of through endless 30-second commercials.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The fact that taxpayers didn't organize the event doesn't automatically make it a campaign event.”
 Dan Leistikow - “It's a great way to attract business to the state and give us more national and international exposure.”
 Dan Leistikow - “The basic bargain is this. If eighth-graders are willing to do their part throughout high school, the state will do its part and make sure education is affordable.”
 Dan Leistikow - “This is a prominent Milwaukee business. It's perfectly normal that the governor go and help them celebrate their 20th anniversary.”
 Dan Leistikow - “People can look at this all day long if they want to, but they're not going to find anything because the governor and his entire administration act with integrity and the people of Wisconsin know that.”
 Dan Leistikow - “We are talking to them. There are legal courses of action the state can take, but we hope it doesn't come to that.”