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 David Leitch - “No slowdown in the U.S. was visible in those figures. The sales growth rate in both volume and price exceeded my expectations.”
 Will Leitch - “I think it's getting to the point that there's so much information out there that fans have access to, that we don't really need an announcer to tell us what's going on.”
 Chris Leitch - “But right after we got out of surgery, we walked around Munich. The next day, I was pedaling a stationary bike. By the third day I was jogging and around Day 5, I ran 5 miles.”
 Will Leitch - “Every single sports reporter covering the San Francisco Giants in the late 1990s and the early part of this decade thought that Barry Bonds was on steroids.”
 Kerry Leitch - “The judge told me I should have hit him harder, but that I was guilty because I smacked him, but granted me an absolute discharge, so there's no record of it - it's over and done with. It was a deterrent. If I wouldn't have done that, others would have thought it was OK.”
 Brian Leitch - “Today is an extraordinary day.”
 Will Leitch - “It's not as if I'm writing anything radical on the Web site - but everyone seems to think that it is, because there's no sense of the structure that everyone is so used to.”
 David Leitch - “He probably knows them as judges and as people better than all but a few other people.”
 Chris Leitch - “It's nice to come back home. Obviously I grew up following the team and I am glad to be a part of the organization again. I just want to come in and work hard and help out any way I can.”
 Kerry Leitch - “I did the same as my mother would have done me in a situation like that.”
 David Leitch - “There's no doubt it's a viable fuel for generation. But it's no better or worse than any other kind of gas, and there's a question mark over gas generally, while coal remains cheaper without a carbon tax.”
 David Leitch - “I think the president himself values diversity on the courts, ... It will be something that he'll consider. But I don't think it's more or less likely to be a factor because of poll ratings or anything else going on in the short-term news cycle.”
 David Leitch - “Being among those who carried him into the court for the last time was an indescribable honor.”
 Kerry Leitch - “The worst position to be in at any skating school is the best. There's no motivation, and everybody's taking a run at you. The smart ones realize (having competition) is going to make them better.”
 Kerry Leitch - “If they had come in eighth we would have been tickled to death. They have the talent. They were the most talented pair team in the competition, it's just that with them being young and inexperienced, you never know what's going to happen under stress. And with young teams, the judges tend to not give out good marks. But they skated brilliantly. They were sort of the talk of the competition.”
 Brian Leitch - “This is not a plan cooked up by executives of the company to feather their own nests.”
 Kerry Leitch - “Kids get to that sort of Y in the road where if they are ready to go to college, they have to make some decisions. It's whether their skating offers them a future or whether they should go to college.”
 Brian Leitch - “The status quo can't continue. It should be clear that Northwest isn't too big to fail.”
 David Leitch - “I'm sure many people around the state would share that extreme disappointment, ... but now we'll have to see who emerges. I'm not sure there is a clear front runner right now.”
 Chris Leitch - “Look, I have no interest in this, ... I don't know Donovan. What he does doesn't affect me, but as an athlete, I have to say if you need surgery and you don't have this done, you're cheating yourself. Fly over there and be done with it.”
 David Leitch - “You might think anybody who was preparing something to go to the president would already have taken care to see that it was perfect.”
 Chris Leitch - “I was a little sketchy, ... I was the first American to go over and do this and if it's my body having surgery, I'm going to worry. I couldn't understand why in the U.S. it took months to recover and she was telling me I'd be back in days. I thought, 'There's no way. It's not possible.' Even my orthopedic surgeon was like, 'Seven to 10 days I don't know about that.'”
 Brian Leitch - “All parties benefit from the clarity the deal provides.”
 David Leitch - “The great benefit of this hearing is that we just went through it. It had to have helped her. You've got a whole transcript to see what people are interested in. It's an excellent road map.”
 David Leitch - “will probably do everything possible to make the best long-term decision, rather than just pay attention to the vicissitudes of the moment. Thirty years from now, you might still have the (new) justice making decisions.”

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