My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Boxleitner - “Will Shatner, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek have already put novels out.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “The most colorful section of a bookstore is the display of SF books, with art by people like Wayne Barlow, who is a terrific artist.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “The making of television has changed quite a bit. Now you have to do them n cheaper budgets.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “That's the great thing about being an actor, you get to try out lots of things for your roles.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “So I had a ghostwriter, they call them, or somebody who is an experienced writer, to help. I've got the ideas in my head, it's getting them properly on paper.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “It's very frustrating not being on the air.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I'm living what I always wanted to do.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I would love to do a Western again if Westerns came back into fashion.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I think every leading man wants to be a character actor, and every character actor wants to be a leading man.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I started in high school and then I went onto professional training after that.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I started acting professionally at age 19.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I read H.P. Lovecraft. I also like Sword and Sorcery stuff, Arthurian legend.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I had a great run on Babylon 5. It was a lot of fun.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I enjoy working with Melissa a great deal. We're always looking for projects to do together. I was happy to have her do the show, because she doesn't normally do episodic unless she's starring, and I was very happy with the results.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I don't call myself a writer.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “As a boy, I didn't need a lot of playmates to have a good time.”
 Gretchen Leitner - “Our class has been working since January reading and studying the process of Shakespeare's work trying to understand the language and the scripts. It's challenging. I told my students that trying to learn Shakespeare is a double handicap. Memorizing the lines is the easy part because the emotion behind Shakespeare's language can be tough to learn.”
 Jeff Leitner - “We may not be able to depend on having all our employees. The county tells us that as many as 30 percent of employees may not show up for work.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I've had quarter horses for the last 18 years.”
 Gretchen Leitner - “Some of the student's family members and friends will attend (the evening performance.) Some people could perceive a student presentation of Shakespeare's work as either a good or bad thing, so it will be interesting to see how many people turn out.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “Star Wars, the original movie, was all the various old genre of pictures the swashbucklers, the war movies, all those things were put n there in a different look.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I just always had a love for television and movies.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “I can't believe we're in the middle of the fifth season, and if this is all there is, my God, it went fast.”
 Bruce Boxleitner - “It's not highly intellectual material. I'm dedicating it to the pulp fiction of the past.”
 Gretchen Leitner - “A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet.”

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