My Favorite Quotes
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 Tod Leiweke - “Symbolically, we wanted to give life to this idea that the 12th man was truly a part of the very being of this franchise, and it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
 Tim Leiweke - “Phil said he was happier than he's ever been about his soccer investment.”
 Tim Leiweke - “There were times in the lease negotiations when we had a gun put to our head, and we didn't appreciate it.”
 Tim Leiweke - “We knew that if this league and this sport were going to work and our investments are going to work, we are going to have to work in New York. This is the most important marketplace anywhere in the world. We knew we had to get this done.”
 Tod Leiweke - “While this is a tremendous honor for Warren, it also says a little something about what we are trying to build in the organization. We hope that as we hoist the Super Bowl trophy Sunday, we can point to Warren and say, 'Hey, good on you, too.'.”
 Tim Leiweke - “We wanted to find someone who brought a new level of intensity and a fresh vision toward this organization. There is no question in my mind that Dean will give us a realistic chance of competing for the Stanley Cup in the long-term.”
 Tim Leiweke - “The recent changes have not been easy. But after making some difficult decisions, we wanted to find somebody who brought a new level of intensity and fresh vision toward the organization.”
 Tim Leiweke - “I'm very grateful to Dave and appreciative of his 29 years of service to the Los Angeles Kings. He has been loyal to the Kings sweater from day one and continues to be. We have offered him an opportunity to remain with the organization in a capacity to be determined. That decision is his and will be dependent on his discussions in the future with our new leadership.”
 Tim Leiweke - “the content and entertainment capital of the world.”
 Tim Leiweke - “simply because if you look at the music business, there aren't a lot of new artists that can fill up an arena. Realistically, some of the best music today is (by) people like Norah Jones or Alicia Keys (who) are more suited (to) the intimacy of a theater.”