My Favorite Quotes
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 Mosiuoa Lekota - “Only when we fulfil (our promises) will people vote us back time after time. We go into the local government elections with a plan to make local government work even better than before.”
 Mosiuoa Lekota - “Unless the ANC continues to serve and deliver to the people of our country, the ANC cannot expect to be voted back time after time.”
 Mosiuoa Lekota - “We are not keen to punish people, we are keen to solve the situation and we need to get the elections in place so that people can decide on who runs the country, ... If we find that we have sanctions in place, then we would see this as a failure.”
 Mosiuoa Lekota - “The negotiation process is up to the African Union and the United Nations Security Council. I told them it is up to them what action to take to make sure that the implementation happens,”